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message "This is a set of step-by-step instructions for setting up tools for Javascript development on Mac, Windows, or Linux computers. Originally developed for the [Railsbridge Workshops](http://railsbridge.org), it is a community-supported open-source documentation project. If you want to contribute, click the [git] link at the top-right corner of any page and submit your change on GitHub."

step "Prepare for the Installfest" do
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## You must bring:

* **Your laptop.** You need to have a working wifi connection, a browser and an email account you can readily access.
  * If you have a choice between a Mac and a Windows laptop, please bring the Mac.
  * Linux is an acceptable alternative, but the Installfest is only tested on Ubuntu.
* **Power cord for your laptop**
* If you already have an account on GitHub or Slack, make sure you know your username and password.

## Possibly also helpful to bring:

* Extension cord
* Power strip
* Camera
* Snacks


step "Don't Panic!" do
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Even if you get stuck, please go through the rest of the instructions and download all the things you'll need. Bandwidth will be at a premium during the workshop, so it will help immensely to have everything on your laptop already.

There are a lot of steps, and the instructions may seem like they're in a foreign language, but: **don't panic!** By the end of the workshop, you'll know what everything is and how to use it.


step "Read This Overview" do
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Here's a list of tools you'll be installing. As you go through the workshop, we'll explain what each one is for and how to use it.

* **Google Chrome**. A web browser with strong developer tools.
* **Slack**. A communication tool for teams.
* **Git**. A revision or source control system. It creates a repository, which is a complete history of your programming changes, so you can undo changes and roll back to previous versions of your work if something has gone wrong.
* **GitHub**.
* **Atom**. To write programs in Javascript, you need a text editor to create, edit and save Javascript files.

If you've already installed the above tools and are confident they are setup correctly, make sure you are a member of the Denver-Railsbridge slack channel (<a href="http://denver-railsbridge.herokuapp.com/">link</a>). Then, skip ahead to the <a href="create-a-webpage">Create a Webpage</a> step.

next_step "download-tools"